“She beautifully delivers the sweeping passages in Mendelssohn’s Op. 19 no. 1 in E Major with fervor.”                        – Kelly O’Neil,

The story of Fumiyo Narita’s pianistic journey is at once unique and inspiring. Born in Japan and moving to America in 1994, she began taking formal piano lessons in 2002 at the age of 31. Despite her remarkably late start and minimal exposure to the instrument up to that point, her talent became immediately evident, displaying a fine ear and impressive coordination for one so inexperienced. Her musical growth was rapid and steady, and she worked with passion and dedication. She soon auditioned for and was accepted to the Brooklyn College Conservatory in New York City, where she studied with Michael Rogers. During this time her playing quickly matured, and her class performances were noticed for their genuine expression and warm sound. She continued her musical studies there and eventually received a Masters degree in Piano Performance, studying under renowned Japanese pianist Akira Eguchi.

In Japan, her solo performance at En-Ray Hall, at the personal invitation of the mayor of Nayoro, was met with warm enthusiasm and an immediate invitation for a return engagement.  She was also the featured guest on AIR-TESSHI radio in Nayoro, Japan. 

In 2015 she released her CD titled “Timeless Romantic Classics For Piano” on the Arabesque Record label.

Today Fumiyo is an award winning piano teacher, earning the 2015 Distinguished Pedagogue Award from the International Music and Arts Society.  She is a Suzuki-certified piano teacher, official Steinway Teaching Partner, and her students have won prizes at international competitions. In 2020 she joined the piano faculty at the Brooklyn College Preparatory Center for the Arts, while continuing to teach in her private studio in Brooklyn.  Her musical endeavors were recognized and rewarded as a recipient of the 2021 City Artist Corps Grant.  Fumiyo inspires both young and old to pursue their dream of playing the piano, and enchants listeners with her sincere and sensitive musicianship.

Fumiyo’s poetic renditions of Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and others can be heard on her debut CD, “Timeless Romantic Classics for Piano”, released on Arabesque Records and available on Amazon, iTunes, and other digital download stores.